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Let’s Compare Cost!

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In-person Instructor

4 weeks 

3 classes per week

 $480 to $720

Per month

Per property


Great Value

Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE

4 weeks 

3 classes per week


Per month

Per property

Unbeatable Value: Pricing and Scheduling Options

At Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE, we offer a value that makes adding our program to your schedule a logical no-brainer. Let's dive into the details:

1. Pricing

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE shines above in-person instruction. With a monthly fee of just $89 per property, you'll receive 12 invigorating classes over four weeks. In comparison, the cost of in-person professional instructors can range from $40 to $60 per class, resulting in a monthly expense of $480 to $720 per property. By choosing Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE, over a single in-person class three times a week, you can enjoy substantial savings of $391 to $631 per month!

2. Scheduling

We understand the importance of maintaining your relationships with in-person instructors and being sensitive to the existing schedule. That's why we encourage you to carefully evaluate your current timetable and consider the following options:

Explore the Mon, Wed, Fri, 11 am Eastern Time Slot:

Do you have available slots on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11 am Eastern time? These time slots are perfect for accommodating Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE classes.

Flexibility and Creativity:

If you already have classes scheduled during those hours, we invite you to reflect on your commitment to specific instruction slots in particular rooms, at specific times. Is there a way to move a class to an alternative room to accommodate Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE classes? With a little flexibility and creativity, you can integrate these invigorating sessions into your schedule.

Remember, the goal is not to replace your in-person instructors, but to supplement your existing program and provide additional options for your residents. By incorporating Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE, you can expand your range of fitness activities that cater to different preferences and schedules.

So, let's embark on this exciting journey together. Evaluate your schedule, consider the Mon, Wed, Fri, 11 am Eastern time slot, and explore the possibilities of integrating Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE. It's a smart decision that will bring joy, health, and a renewed sense of vitality to your community. Get ready to dance, have fun, and experience the unbeatable value of Virtual Zumba Gold LIVE!

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