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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Virtual Zumba Gold Live carry liability insurance to safely deliver these classes?
    Yes, we’ll send you the certificate of Insurance, $1 million Liability coverage. It’s a requirement for many multi-family communities. We are an approved vendor for such large groups as GreyStar through NetVendor compliance service.
  • What are my options to set up the streaming?
    Screen Mirroring – tablet or laptop wireless to screen Wired Connection – tablet or laptop HDMI cable Tripod or screen mount accessory
  • How fast does my internet need to be to perform well with this program?
    Since she is streaming video and music in high definition, to avoid buffering, we suggest a download speed of 15 mbps or higher. Check your wifi speed here.
  • Is there any time lag in the music from the LIVE stream?
    Not typically. Since Elizabeth uploads her signal with strong speeds and delivers the sound digitally from her system, there is usually no noticeable lag time between the moves and the sounds.
  • How do we pay for the monthly subscription?
    After your 2-month free trial, we’ll email an invoice to your accounts payable department on the 1st of each month. Payment is due by the 20th . No advance payment needed.
  • How do we sign up?
    Fill out our sign up form, and we’ll send a welcome email. With easy tips to get started.
  • If the classes don’t catch on, can I cancel the service?
    You may cancel anytime, just send us an email, and we’ll stop sending the weekly links.
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